Brava: Ministry of Agriculture and Environment “quite hopeful” with 2023 agricultural campaign

The MAA delegate on Brava said today that the agricultural scenario on Brava Island is “quite hopeful”, with the remarkable development and production of maize and beans, especially after the fall of the last rains.

Aug 23, 2023 - 05:00
Sep 2, 2023 - 17:13
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Brava: Ministry of Agriculture and Environment “quite hopeful” with 2023 agricultural campaign
Brava: Ministry of Agriculture and Environment “quite hopeful” with 2023 agricultural campaign

Speaking to Inforpress, Ermelindo Barros said that favorable rainfall and reasonable growth in agriculture were recorded, resulting in an increase of about six to ten leaves per plant and a height of 20 to 30 centimeters for corn plantations.

With regard to pests, he guaranteed that the Government has taken the necessary control measures, having even carried out interventions “in real time” to combat the presence of locusts in plantations, thus preventing further damage.

As he revealed, there was also a report of the appearance of the fall armyworm, which has hit the country since 2016, assuring that technicians have already been sent to the field in order to safeguard and put an end to the situation.

“The Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) is firmly committed to helping farmers to deal with this situation, however to intervene in time and prevent the spread, it is crucial that farmers are attentive and communicate at the moment” warned , calling for the identification of pests to avoid substantial damage to plantations.

He acknowledged that, in many cases, identifying the pest is a difficult task, so he requested constant and attentive surveillance by farmers and that, after suspicion, they contact the delegation “as soon as possible” enabling containment. of threats on the ground.

“It is important to highlight that the delegation is well equipped in terms of individual protection materials and medicines, to ensure the health of the worker and the success of the cultivation. At the beginning of this agricultural year, the delegation reasonably made rainfed seeds available to farmers, which contributed to an auspicious start to agricultural activities”, he underlined.

The same source disclosed that, so far, around six thousand fruit and forest plants have been produced, a step that he considered fundamental in the promotion of biodiversity in Cape Verde.

“We also import around 400 hybrid dwarf coconut tree seeds from Brazil that are already available to farmers to promote the production of coconut trees on the island”, he assured.

Within the scope of the “Reforestation and Maintenance of the Forest Perimeter” project, he added that a protocol was signed with the Biflores association worth more than 1,800 contos for cleaning and maintenance of areas, production and fixation of forest plants, seed launching and awareness sessions .

In addition to covering the entire island, the focus of the project is the bush, said the delegate, explaining that it covers 19 hectares of land.

Ermelindo Barros said that through these actions, the Government has shown itself to be committed and motivated in fulfilling its tasks, favoring the sustainable development of the region and of Brava Island.

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