Darii Fernandes Pays Tribute to Ilha Brava with his song "Nha Terra" on the CD "Praia di Furna"

September 3, 2023 - Talented Cape Verdean singer, Darii Fernandes, recently released a moving tribute to Ilha Brava on her new album "Praia di Furna". The track titled "Nha Terra" is quickly captivating the hearts of music fans in Cape Verde and around the world, bringing to light the beauty and unique culture of Ilha Brava.

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With a music career that has just begun, Darii Fernandes sings this song celebrating Brava's rich musical and cultural heritage. In "Nha Terra", he captures the essence of Ilha Brava, with its stunning landscape, local traditions, beautiful women and the warm hospitality of its people.

The song, rocked by traditional Cape Verdean rhythms, evokes the feeling of being on Ilha Brava, with its majestic mountains, caring people and the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop. The lyrics are a declaration of love for Darii's home island and a tribute to the Bravese community that has so inspired him throughout his musical journey.

"Nha Terra" not only delights the ears, but also serves as a window into the rich culture of Ilha Brava. The song has been praised for its authenticity and ability to convey deep emotions.

The "Praia di Furna" album as a whole is a musical exploration of many facets of Cape Verde, but it is the track "Nha Terra" that stands out as a special tribute to Ilha Brava. Darii Fernandes once again demonstrates her commitment to preserving and celebrating the richness of Cape Verde's cultural heritage through her music.

Fans of Darii Fernandes and Cape Verdean music can enjoy this heartwarming track on all major streaming platforms. "Nha Terra" is a touching reminder of the beauty and cultural richness that can be found in every corner of the Cape Verde Islands.

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