Vuca Pinheiro releases two albums dedicated to Brava Island

Brava artist Vuca Pinheiro releases two albums dedicated to Brava Island in the United States of America (USA), with new songs and two re-recordings, on October 21, 2023.

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Vuca Pinheiro releases two albums dedicated to Brava Island
Vuca Pinheiro releases two albums dedicated to Brava Island

On the first CD “Ilha Brava Ilha Formosa”, the singer, composer and instrumentalist brings together 11 singers to give voice to several new songs, including “Hino Bravense” written by Eugénio Tavares. In the theme “Djabraba Ilha Formosa”, which gave the name to the CD, Vuca Pinheiro calls on the people of Brava to proclaim the cultural specificities and natural beauty of the island that saw him born.

“Rescuing the memory of Brava has always been one of the goals I set for my journey within the Cape Verdean musical path, since the release of my first album in 1985, exclusively by Mornas Bravo until today”, explained the artist .

The CD also includes songs such as “Florzinhas de Cantero”, “N Bá Cutelo 'Spiabo”, “Djabraba Ilha Formosa”, “Rainha”, “N Crebo Cumâ Bo Crê'm”, “Marcha da Velha Guarda”, “Bu 'Sta Dixam Mi Só”, “Catchor Ca Ta Mordê Lua”, “Nha Princesa”, “Troca Par”, “Morna Frank Martins” and “Titinha”

The second album called “Bandolins da Ilha Brava”, in which Vuca Pinheiro plays mandolin, violin, acoustic guitar and percussion, accompanied by Djick Oliveira, on guitar, and Pulan Miranda, on 12-string viola, is composed of nine songs, including “Morna Niní Alfama”, “Combersa Co Lua”, “Fedagosa”, “Bai de Djabraba” “Nhô Gobernador”.

According to Vuca Pinheiro, after successive albums released, “always privileging Bravo and Cape Verdean culture”, he “could not fail to reissue one of the facets of the Bravese music scene, very little cultivated on the other islands, which is mandolin solos ”.

“In this recording, with the aim of catapulting our ears back to a certain era of Brazilian music, I basically tried to interpret the same songs that were played at that time on this wonderful and sui generis instrument, always seeking to maintain and preserve the genuine form of musical interpretation of those times. ”, he added.

He added that the mandolin solo and the accompaniment of guitar and viola plus the violin and very light percussion, also had the purpose of “bringing this beautiful golden age of Brava culture” to the present day.

To record the two albums, Vuca Pinheiro had artists such as Armando de Pina, João Alfredo (Féfe), Coral Bravense (formed by Angela Pesare, Lica Gomes and Lucy Fonseca), Fátima Évora, Samuel Santiago, Djuta Duarte, Tiffany Enos and Sandra Andrade.

It also featured the collaboration of instrumentalists such as NhelaSax, Zé Timas, Danny Carvalho, Samuel Santiago, Zezé Barbosa, Djim Job, Kalú Monteiro, Tony Azevedo, Ney Miranda, Djick Oliveira and Pulan Miranda.

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