Keila Gomes, a 2nd year Law student at the University of Cape Verde (Uni-CV), always dreamed of being a lawyer. “I have always had a passion for justice and the desire to contribute to a more just society,” says Keila. The choice of course was influenced by several reasons, including the love for the law, the desire to be an independent professional and the search for financial stability.

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To follow this dream, Keila had to leave her home island, Brava, and move to Santiago. "I decided to study at Uni-CV because it is recognized for its quality of teaching and for offering comprehensive and well-structured courses, particularly in areas of regional and international relevance, as well as being able to offer an inclusive, accessible learning environment and welcoming to students from diverse backgrounds, facilitating adaptation and integration," she explains.
One of the most memorable experiences for Keila was a mock trial on the case of the "Cave Explorers." "We divided the class into groups and prepared a defense thesis. Feeling connected to the Law and visualizing myself as a lawyer was incredible," she says. Keila highlights the support of her parents, teachers and colleagues as essential.
For young people from Brava who are thinking about following their dreams on other islands, Keila has encouraging advice: "Leaving our island and studying on another is challenging, but rewarding. Don't give up on your dreams. Fight with persistence and resilience, make new friends and join groups. Enjoy each experience, because it is unique and pleasurable."

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