Cape Verdean Festival in Onset celebrates the Islands' culture and music

Onset, 12 August 2023 – The picturesque town of Onset is alive with the vibrant colors and sounds of Cape Verdean culture as the highly anticipated Cape Verdean Festival is in full swing today. Organized by the local Cape Verdean community in collaboration with cultural enthusiasts, the festival seeks to celebrate the islands' rich heritage and captivating music.

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Cape Verdean Festival in Onset celebrates the Islands' culture and music
Cape Verdean Festival in Onset celebrates the Islands' culture and music

Hundreds of people gathered in the streets adorned with colorful flags and themed decorations, immersing themselves in the contagious spirit of Cape Verdean culture. The event offers a variety of activities ranging from exciting musical performances to traditional food stalls serving up tasty island delicacies.

The focal point of the festival is the main stage, where local artists and special guests from Cape Verde perform, bringing authentic Cape Verdean music to Onset's lively atmosphere. The captivating melodies of funaná, morna, coladeira and other musical genres unique to the island echo through the streets, drawing music and dance lovers in for a truly unforgettable celebration.

In addition to musical performances, the festival also offers a craft fair, where visitors can explore handmade products that reflect the artistic skill of the Cape Verdean people. Traditional paintings, sculptures, clothing and jewelry are on display, providing a unique opportunity for visitors to acquire authentic and unique memorabilia from the event.

Gastronomy is an additional highlight of the Cape Verdean Festival, with food stalls offering a variety of traditional dishes from the island. From cachupa, a savory corn and bean stew, to pastel, a popular stuffed pastry, visitors can savor culinary delights that transport palates straight to Cape Verde.

Event organizers expressed their delight at the enthusiasm of the community and visitors to celebrate Cape Verdean culture. The Cape Verdean Festival in Onset continues to strengthen ties between the Cape Verdean diaspora and the local community, providing a space to share traditions, experiences and create lasting memories.

As the sun sets over Onset, the festivities continue, with more musical performances scheduled and a celebratory atmosphere that promises to last all night. The Cape Verdean Festival in Onset is truly a testament to the rich cultural diversity that enriches the city and a tribute to Cape Verde's vibrant heritage.

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