Brava: Scuta Music aims to bring Darii's voice to the world – responsible

The founder of the music production company Scuta Music assured today in Nova Sintra that he intends to work so that the voice of the recently launched artist Darii Gonçalves reaches all corners, as it is “deserving”.

Jul 30, 2023 - 05:27
Sep 2, 2023 - 18:24
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Brava: Scuta Music aims to bring Darii's voice to the world – responsible
Brava: Scuta Music aims to bring Darii's voice to the world – responsible

Armando Madeira or Mandu as he is known in the music world gave this guarantee in statements to Inforpress after the release of the album by the young Darii Gonçalves in Nova Sintra, on Brava, having let his emotions show, by emphasizing that the young woman has talent not only by voice, but on stage and even in her lyrics.

According to this manager, the album “Praia di Furna” consists of ten musical tracks and Darii wrote three of them, namely “Nha Terra”, “Me cu nha cretxeu” and “Maguado ku Amor”, demonstrating a “high potential and great quality in their productions”.

Mandu considered Darii to be “a diamond” lost on Brava, but which was found by Scuta Music who now “will do everything for her voice and her work to reach every corner”, justifying that she deserves to be noticed by the whole world and have deserved support.

At this moment, the music video for the music track “Nha Terra” has already been released and, soon, the manager announced the release of the music video for the music track “Praia di Furna” to continue the repercussion of the work and then they will work on the video for the musical track “Monday”.

For Mandu, Darii has a long way to go and with a promising future, remembering that they are still in their infancy in this project that has everything to get up and walk.

For his part, music producer Ney Miranda also recognized and praised the young woman's work and talent, recalling that this process began in 2019 when he came to the island to record some of Brava's talents, a work that has yet to be completed. He also said that Mandu was enchanted by the young woman's voice and made him return to the island to do an exclusive job with Darii.

As Ney Miranda said, a few months later, he returned and recorded ten songs that now resulted in the album “Praia di Furna”, which was released in the city of Praia on the 22nd of July, and on the 28th in Brava.

Taking into account the “value” of the work presented, due to the artist’s voice, lyrics and presence, Ney Miranda asks all Braveenses and Cape Verdeans in the country and in the diaspora to listen to each musical track on the album so that they can understand the reasons for the unconditional support for this new artist from the production company.

Regarding future plans, he announced that they intend to work for the album to be presented in Portugal, but also in the US to make the artist's work known to the Cape Verdean people.

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