Mayor refutes PAICV accusations against councilor Ivone Cardoso

The president of Brava City Council, Francisco Tavares, refutes the accusations of the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV) against councilor Ivone Cardoso and accuses the opposition of wanting to “denigate” her image by alleging “illegalities”.

Jun 13, 2024 - 16:11
Jun 13, 2024 - 16:20
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Mayor refutes PAICV accusations against councilor Ivone Cardoso
Mayor refutes PAICV accusations against councilor Ivone Cardoso
Francisco Tavares, who was speaking to Inforpress, highlighted that the PAICV (opposition) in an attempt to reach her management and also that of the councilor, because she has a “very positive” evaluation of the population, wants to do everything to tarnish her image.
Municipal elected officials from the Cape Verde African Independence Party (PAICV) accused councilor Ivone Delgado Cardoso this Wednesday of committing an “unusual situation” in the city council by currently exercising the functions of full-time councilor and responsible for the Cape Verde Post Office.
However, the mayor assured that he can “categorically” prove that the councilor in question is not enjoying anything more than the law allows and assured that the councilor is part-time and not full-time, as “that small group lies”. who is directing the PAICV has stated”.
“Ivone Cardoso from a certain point onwards became a half-time councilor, in accordance with what the law stipulates, although it should be approved by the Municipal Assembly, however, there were no sessions in the assembly and we also had another councilor half-time time and then Ivone's remuneration became half-time, from the moment she started working in a public company”, he explained.
However, he stressed that it is surprising that the PAICV accuses the municipal management of this fact, knowing that in the last term of the opposition in the city council, they had four part-time councilors with remuneration in the municipality and also in the public service.
In this sense, he admitted that the Cape Verdean municipal law provides for situations of this type, however, he said he knew that in PAICV in Brava there are “sensible” people who know that in order to carry out politics with credibility they must not fail to tell the truth.
“But unfortunately, those little opposition groups in this municipality, lately, are choosing untruth, falsehood and suspicion, without evidence to try to accuse the municipality and its municipal team. At this moment we are focused on holding an excellent São João celebration and also Brava Municipality Day”, he concluded.

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