PAICV accuses councilor of “improper use of public funds and illegal payments”

The municipal deputies of the PAICV (opposition) of Brava denounce “facts that substantiate the illegal appropriation of public assets, infidelity, abuse of power and illicit use of privileged information in the exercise of functions” by a councilor.

Jun 13, 2024 - 16:09
Jun 13, 2024 - 16:10
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PAICV accuses councilor of “improper use of public funds and illegal payments”
PAICV accuses councilor of “improper use of public funds and illegal payments”
In a letter addressed to the Court of Auditors and the contents of which were revealed to Inforpress today, the municipal elected officials of the Cape Verde African Independence Party (PAICV) accuse councilor Ivone Delgado Cardoso of committing an “unusual situation” in the municipal council when exercising, At the moment, she works as a full-time councilor and head of the Cape Verde Post Office.
“This one, based on the information we obtained, apparently receives two salaries, and has been working at the Post Office and the Brava City Council, making use of all the services of both, with obvious gains on a political, personal and financial level, which we believe to be absolutely unconstitutional, illegal and unethical”, reads the letter.
This is a situation that constitutes an illicit nature of the illegitimate appropriation of public assets, argue the complainants, who consider “the exercise of functions clearly incompatible, as she is a full-time municipal councillor, however, she does not remain in the municipal council, for which she is drives only sporadically.”
Along these lines, the municipal elected representatives of the opposition appear to be “unconformed”, as municipal inspectors, with this supposed legality so that they request intervention from the Court of Auditors, in order to have the status of the payment of their respective salaries checked, as it is the public treasury which, they believe, is being used for purposes prohibited by law.
“These facts are harmful to the municipal public interest, as it is not known for certain how much salary she has been accumulating with that of head of the Post Office services, as she is a full-time member of the municipal executive”, highlights the communication. , requesting the replacement of illegitimately received funds and legality.
Subscriber João Pereira, municipal deputy, uses Article 49 of the legal regime for local finances on the “Responsibility of holders of municipal bodies for budget execution” to justify this complaint, stating that it is necessary to carry out supervision for adequate application and compliance of the law, in defense of the public interest.
Contacted by Inforpress, Ivone Cardoso sent a reaction on the matter later.

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