Brava: XIII edition of the Agricultural Fair starts this Thursday

The 13th edition of the Brava Island Agricultural Fair, entitled Boosting Sustainable Rural Development, takes place from the 20th to the 22nd of June, in the city of Nova Sintra, and intends to set up 30 stands of different types.

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Brava: XIII edition of the Agricultural Fair starts this Thursday
Brava: XIII edition of the Agricultural Fair starts this Thursday

The information was provided to Inforpress by the delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) in Brava, Ermelindo Barros, who reinforced that this edition is being organized in partnership with the Brava City Council, also counting on the collaboration of other partners and of the entire community.

The event is held annually as part of the activities to commemorate the municipality's day and the feast of the patron saint, São João Baptista, celebrated on the 24th of June, and aims to “promote the development of the agrarian economy and boost the competitiveness of the sector”.

According to the delegate, the aim is to present a comprehensive and diverse program with a view to strengthening ties between producers, creators, businesspeople and the community in general, in order to encourage the exchange of knowledge, experiences and opportunities.

Dai explained that the motto chosen for this edition addresses the idea of promoting growth and improvement in rural areas, while adopting practices and approaches that are ecologically, socially and economically sustainable.

“The theme of Driving Sustainable Rural Development represents a commitment to creating prosperous and healthy rural communities that can thrive over the long term without harming the environment or compromising the needs of future generations. It involves the adoption of practices, policies and investments that seek a balance between economic growth, environmental preservation and social justice”, he highlighted.

It is also intended to promote and enhance “made in Brava” products with the exhibition of agricultural, fishing and artisanal products, with the aim of strengthening the local economy, but also promoting the exchange of knowledge, presentation of innovations technological technologies, professionalization of the primary sector, stimulation of sustainable consumption practices, diversification of tourism and culture on the island, strengthening the competitiveness of the agrarian sector, among other aspects.

Regarding the identity of the exhibitors, the committee stated that there will be participants from Brava, but that others from the island of Fogo were also invited.

The program includes, in addition to the product exhibition, information moments, workshops, lectures, open conversations, among others.


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