Brava: Local authority announces Initiation Course for Fishermen

Brava City Council announced today the opening of registrations for an Initiation Course for Fishermen, taught in partnership with Escola do Mar (EMAR), whose objective is to provide greater individual and collective safety to them.

Mar 12, 2024 - 04:27
Mar 12, 2024 - 04:30
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Brava: Local authority announces Initiation Course for Fishermen
Brava: Local authority announces Initiation Course for Fishermen

In an interview with Inforpress, the councilor responsible for Education, Mário Soares, highlighted that this is training that will last 70 hours and that it will be “extremely important” considering that it will help to improve the activities that take place on board of vessels with open mouths and more.

“We know that there are fishermen, or people with expertise and experience in the seas, who, with this training, will acquire new skills and competencies in addition to knowledge of new survival techniques at sea. Unfortunately, throughout the year there have been some situations in which civil protection personnel are called in to rescue or rescue”, he highlighted.

In this sense, he informed that the course will teach swimming techniques, first aid and basic navigation techniques and, after training, “there will be a certification process in which graduates will receive a certificate issued by EMAR”.

“We are aware that there have been some conflicts between fishermen and entities responsible for monitoring at sea, but with this training, in addition to the knowledge and gains they will acquire, they will receive, in addition to certificates, maritime certificates that will allow them to carry out their fishing activities. legal way, avoiding unpleasant constraints”, he stressed.

Mário Soares said that the start of this course is scheduled for the 28th of this month, at 3:00 pm and that it will last 70 hours, divided into three to four hours per day.

“The intention is to provide this training in one of the fishing areas of the municipality, which I consider to be ideal, taking into account that the logistics will be in accordance with the number of the target audience, to facilitate the practical classes that will take place at sea”, he highlighted .

This official called for the “mass” participation of all fishermen on Brava Island, as the training is completely free and there was a strong commitment from institutions with very significant values to provide the training.

“There is always room for us to acquire more knowledge, but sometimes we tend to make the mistake of saying that we know everything, which, however, is not the truth”, he concluded.

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