EMAR promotes initiation course for fishermen

The administrator of the Escola do Mar (EMAR) highlighted that the Initiation Course for Fishermen began with a new training plan that was licensed by the Maritime Port Institute (IMP), considering it a “necessity” for fishermen to have maritime certificates.

Apr 6, 2024 - 14:12
Apr 6, 2024 - 14:20
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EMAR promotes initiation course for fishermen
EMAR promotes initiation course for fishermen
Jandir Leite, who was speaking to the media today, made these statements on the sidelines of the opening of Initiation training for Fishermen, which is being held at locality of Furna.
As the same source said, it is not only the maritime certificate that fishermen need, but also the training that was duly prepared by the IMP and EMAR is developing this project at national level.
“Brava is the third island that is benefiting from this training, having already been held in Santiago, and on the island of Fogo the course has been running since last week. Today, EMAR started the course here with the cooperation of Brava City Council, duly financed by the Ministry of the Sea”, he informed.
According to the same source, this training is an added value for the fishermen class, and is having a good response from these professionals, informing that EMAR still has numerous training courses in its portfolio that are being prepared.
The councilor responsible for Education, Mário Soares, highlighted that it is very good training for the class and EMAR had been in contact with the municipality for some time to mobilize resources and carry out this training.
“EMAR managed to mobilize the necessary resources, which exceed one million escudos, and the beneficiaries of this island will have opportunities to learn about first aid techniques, legislation applied in the fishing sector, in other words, a series of modules that will facilitate communication between fishermen and regulatory bodies in the fishing sector”, he highlighted.
Mário Soares also said that the training is an initial phase, however, he assured that it provides for another stage, upon successful completion and fishermen will receive certificates and fishermen's cards.
“The training lasts 70 hours, divided into three to four hours a day”, he said.
“We are aware that there have been some conflicts between fishermen and entities responsible for monitoring at sea, but with this training, in addition to the knowledge and gains, they will work legally, avoiding unpleasant embarrassments with the authorities, therefore, we call for mass participation fishermen”, he concluded.

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