Brava Tem Talento Project, enters the market in June and reveals a new wave of Musical Stars

City of Nova Sintra, April 21, 2024 (Bravanews) - After an anxious wait of four years, Brava music lovers can finally celebrate, as the long-awaited Brava Tem Talento Project is ready to hit the market. Under the guidance of the talented musician, producer and mind behind the project, Ney Miranda, this musical journey has reached a significant milestone with the completion of the long-awaited master album.

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Brava Tem Talento Project, enters the market in June and reveals a new wave of Musical Stars
Brava Tem Talento Project, enters the market in June and reveals a new wave of Musical Stars

Since its inception, the Brava Tem Talento Project has been an opportunity for emerging talents on Brava Island, in Cape Verde. With a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant local music scene, the island is the birthplace of countless talented artists, whose voices and melodies reflect the essence and beauty of their roots.

Under Ney Miranda's visionary leadership, the project flourished, providing a conducive environment for local musicians to develop their gifts and reach new heights in their careers. From composition and music production workshops to high-quality studio recording sessions, considering the reality of the island, the Brava Tem Talento Project has been a catalyst for growth and artistic expression.

Now, with the master album finished and ready for release, Ney Miranda shared his excitement and hope for the future of Brava music. In a recent interview with Bravanews, he stated: "We are thrilled to finally bring this collection of incredible music to the public. This album is truly a celebration of the richness and diversity of Brava Island's musical talent."

With a repertoire that covers a variety of genres and styles, from traditional morna, coladeiras, reggae and even contemporary influences, such as R&B's Creole version, the album promises to offer a unique and engaging listening experience. Each track pays homage to Brava Island's cultural heritage, whilst simultaneously offering a fresh and innovative take on the local music scene.

Thus, on the paradisiacal island of Brava, a cultural event of extraordinary magnitude is about to blossom, as emerging talents prepare to leave an indelible mark on the Cape Verdean music scene. Under the auspices of highly respected Promoter Armando Madeira of Scuta Music and with the meticulous solo production of Ney Miranda, "Projecto Brava Tem Talento" is about to illuminate the hearts and minds of music lovers across the archipelago.

This innovative project brings together an eclectic array of talent, each bringing their own unique energy to the stage. From the powerful and emotional voice of Rosa Borges to the infectious beat of To de Chile; From Kalu de Lica's lyrical poetry to Kingston's engaging, youthful, modern melody, artistic diversity is the true focal point of this inspiring work.

Among the equally notable participants are Dariana, whose ethereal voice promises to captivate audiences, and Melah, whose virtuoso command of the vocal cords promises a truly immersive sonic experience. We cannot forget the striking presence of Diva Burgo, whose magnetic stage presence will enchant spectators, and Chide, whose passion for music transcends borders.

However, it is Arlindo Rodrigues who promises to capture everyone's imagination, with his unique fusion of rhythms and deep lyrics, he is the embodiment of the vibrant and innovative spirit of "Projecto Brava Tem Talento", as he is a multifaceted artist, who has musical instruments a singular passion, but not leaving his resounding voice in the hands of others.

With the generous support of Promoter Armando Madeira from Scuta Music and the impeccable production of Ney Miranda, this event is destined to be more than a simple musical performance. It is a celebration of creativity, diversity and the unifying power of music.

As final preparations are being made and artists tune their instruments, "Projecto Brava Tem Talento" promises to not only elevate local talent, but also open doors to a new era of musical excellence in Cape Verde and beyond. Get ready to witness the birth of stars and the rebirth of a vibrant and inspiring music scene.

The official release of the 13-track album is scheduled for June, and Brava music enthusiasts are eager to finally have access to these sonic masterpieces. With the promise of an exciting and inspiring musical journey, the Brava Tem Talento Project is ready to leave an indelible mark on the music scene of Cape Verde and beyond and has the always important support of the Brava City Council in the person of President Francisco Tavares.

Moises Santiago

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