Santo Antonio - Start of the Futsal Tournament

The Santo Antônio Festival Futsal Tournament began yesterday at the Lem multipurpose facility. After the "Nho Djunzinho" Tournament, expectations turn to the long-awaited Santo Antônio Tournament, a popular festival that is coming to life on Ilha Brava, more precisely in the town of Lem.

Jun 2, 2024 - 08:10
Jun 2, 2024 - 08:20
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Santo Antonio - Start of the Futsal Tournament
Santo Antonio - Start of the Futsal Tournament
Yesterday, we witnessed great futsal matches, with the Rua di Preto team being the big attraction, as they participated in several tournaments last year, showing quality. However, men of Camilo and Camilo, with plenty of experience, turned this duel into a true futsal party, with a 3-3 draw.
The two teams from the parish of Nossa Senhora do Monte did not disappoint the fans present. Also noteworthy is the Young Boys' victory over the Cachaço team. Matches will return on Monday. Let's all fill up Lem's multipurpose car and have a futsal party!
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