Professor Jandira Delgado offers English classes for all ages

City of Praia, December 1, 2023 (Bravanews) - Professor Jandira Delgado, in addition to being recognized as an extremely sweet and attentive person, now stands out as an excellent English educator, sharing her knowledge and passion for the language with students of all ages.

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Dec 1, 2023 - 16:40
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Professor Jandira Delgado offers English classes for all ages
Professor Jandira Delgado offers English classes for all ages

Jandira was always clear that her purpose was to become a teacher, and her affinity with English led her to specialize in that language. Now, she is excited to make her skills available to teach young children, teenagers, young adults and adults, providing the opportunity to learn and improve English in an engaging and effective way.

The classes offered by Professor Jandira are flexible and can be adapted according to the needs and levels of each student. Whether for individual or group classes, Jandira Delgado is dedicated to creating a welcoming, stimulating and effective learning environment.

To schedule classes or obtain more information about the courses offered, interested parties can contact Professor Jandira through the following means of communication below:

Jandira Delgado believes that learning a new language is a rewarding journey and is committed to making this educational experience as enriching as possible for her students. Her personalized approach and commitment to excellence make her classes an exceptional choice for those who want to improve their English skills, regardless of age.

Whether you are a curious beginner or a more advanced student looking to improve, professor Jandira Delgado is ready to guide you on this exciting linguistic journey. Sign up now and dive into the fascinating world of English with a dedicated educator who is passionate about what she does.

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